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The Suite - Smart Garden Rooms

We have a range of predesigned Smart Garden Rooms that do not require any planning permission*.

You may not know exactly what you want from your Smart Garden Room which is why we have come up with a range of pre-designed options to give you an idea of what you can have.

The Lodge

This is a very popular style. The front covering soffit detail gives you cover from the sun and rain. This soffit overhang will also allow for some amazing light features. You can choose any range of cladding this will put your own personal detail to your garden room. [ View The Lodge ]

The View

This style of garden room will give you an all-round view of your garden. It has glass along the front as well as both sides giving you a panoramic view. This room also has the front covering soffit detail. This will provide you with some shade and allow for some fantastic lighting if this is what you want. You can choose from a range of cladding adding your own personal detail to your Smart Garden Room. [ View The View ]

The Hideaway

A subtle beautiful style which can make a great discrete addition to your garden. Our design here shows storage on one side of the smart room which can be repositioned or removed if preferred. [ View The Hideaway ]

The Suite

This is our most popular design due to the look of this impressive Smart Garden Room. The Suite, with the sheltered veranda outside,  gives you protection you at the sides.  It also has the timber blind detail either side of the bifold doors which adds a touch of modern class. [ View The Suite ]

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