The Hideaway

The Hideaway is exactly what the name suggests and gives you the options of a spacious room with a storage.

The Hideaway- Smart Garden Rooms

The Hideaway

A subtle beautiful style which can make a great discrete addition to your garden. Our design here shows storage on one side of the smart room which can be repositioned or removed if preferred.

Our Working Process

As with all our garden rooms the choice is down to our customer and upon first contact we will talk to you to find out whether you want one of our pre-designed rooms or perhaps your own bespoke garden room, allowing you to have your own personally built space.
  • 1.Consultation
  • 2.Design & Work
  • 3.Complete & Maintenance

From the moment we begin designing your garden room we always make sure to put your and your neighbours first by keeping any noise and mess to a minimum.

Upon completion we will not finish the job until you are 100% satisfied and will always be available to you after your room has been completed.

The Hideaway Features:

All of our garden rooms can be fitted with any items the customer wants. Below we have listed just some of the items that The Hideaway comes with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we offer 4 pre designed garden rooms each can be customised inside to suit your needs. It is your choice if you want electricity, smart systems, wifi or simply a tv bracket mounted.
We currently have 4 pre designed rooms you can choose from which are the lodge, the view, the hideaway and the suite.
However you can design and build your own besoke garden room to fit your needs.
There are a wide variety of smart systems on the market including Google, Amazon and Apple.
These can all work with other smart systems like hive, Philips Hue and others.

We will discuss this qith you in your consultation and provide you with the exact system and set up you require.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and will always aim to have your garden room designed and set up as quickly as possible.

From the moment we begin work in your garden we are able to have your garden room set up within 3 weeks however depending on the customers needs then it can take longer - we will give you a estimate for completion with your quote.
We also offering roofing and other carpentry services. You may want to take a look at our sister company St Albans Carpentry Co for more information.

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